Friday, October 19, 2018

State Patrol Conducts Public Opinion Survey

Conducted approximately every two years, the Colorado State Patrol performs a public opinion survey to get a grade from the people we all serve daily.  Through the use of contact cards, social media, press releases, interviews, and yes, a little bribery, tens of thousands of people are directed to to voice concerns, kudos, advice, or stories of their interactions with the agency.
CSP Chief Matt Packard with a participant who
 completed the survey and earned a branded mug.

For the duration of the survey, every contact a trooper or port of entry officer makes is told about the survey.  This can make for some interesting responses from people that may also have received other “paper” but it helps establish that everyone has an opportunity to voice their opinion regardless of circumstances.  Beyond the general “grading” of interactions, survey takers have numerous open ended questions they may answer, including a section to give Chief Matt Packard advice on how to run the Patrol!

“Being visible and engaging our communities are top priorities for our organization,” said Chief Packard. “We value the opinions, thoughts, and feelings of the people we serve. If there is a way we can improve, we want to know what that is. We welcome all feedback.” 

To add an incentive for people to participate, special CSP travel mugs have and will continue to be awarded to people that not only take the survey but promote it by using the hashtag #CSPValuesMyOpinion on their social media accounts.  And the members that are mentioned as encouraging the most people to participate also get a chance at a mug themselves! 

With thousands of expected responses, the State Patrol will have a chance to determine what areas we excel in, and what areas the general public sees as needing improvement.  These responses will be compared with years past, and implemented in future plans to continue to make the Colorado State Patrol one of the leaders in law enforcement across the country!
Incentive mugs help drive participation.