Sunday, July 22, 2018

Governor's Talent Challenge Wraps Up First Year

During FY 2017-18, CDPS employees from all divisions participated in the inaugural year of the Governor’s Talent Challenge Lean Academy program. The Talent Challenge provides matching funds from the Governor’s Office to state agencies to provide employee development opportunities, and this year’s group focused on operationalizing process improvement concepts.

Process improvement - including soliciting and incorporating customer feedback - an area of focus for CDPS in FY 2019 based on the 2017 Employee Engagement Survey results. Through courses taught by two vendors, CDPS participants learned about the Lean methodology of process improvement and executed a group Lean project to benefit customers. CDPS members also gained experience in continuous improvement, using data to make decisions, and using customer feedback to improve processes.

Projects ranged in scope and covered a variety of CDPS business practices, including the CSP cadet hiring process, the CBI InstaCheck appeals process, and the DHSEM request for reimbursement process.

 A big thanks to the following CDPS employees who directed their time (and talent!) to the Talent Challenge:
 Lance Allen
 Terri Anderle
 Afsoon Ansari
 Trish Aragon
 Chris Augustine
 JoAnne Barry
 Viktor Bojilov
 Tina Buneta
 Ted DeRosa
 Jennifer Dye
 Eric Dymond
 Dan Elder
 Amber Feldman
 Michelle Geng
 Melissa Hemme
 Melissa Lineberger
 John Lynkiewicz
 Mark Mason
 Justin Mullins
 Jackie Perez
 Lisa Pine
 Kimberly Ramsey
 Richard Ryberg
 Kinzie Wallden
 Shawn West

 What’s next? In FY 2019, CDPS received a position dedicated to promoting the use of process improvement tools and leveraging the knowledge of this team. The Colorado Talent Challenge will continue next fiscal year, likely maintaining the same focus on Lean and process improvement. If you are interested in participating, please speak with your supervisor and be on the look-out for registration details.

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