Thursday, May 24, 2018

CDPS Graduates Second Cohort of Leadership Strategies Institute

CDPS celebrated the graduation of the second Leadership Strategies Institute (LSI) cohort on May 3. 2018. Participation in the LSI is not for the faint-of-heart. All members of the cohort worked in Emergenetics-based teams and taught sessions to their LSI colleagues during the course of the year; they interviewed a leader, studied leadership books, participated in vigorous discussion developed solutions for challenges within their divisions and across the department.

Networking with members of other divisions and the value of new-formed relationships was a highlight again for participants of this year’s institute.

“I assumed that I would pick up pointers [during the LSI] but I initially thought that because I have been a leader in some form in private business for longer than most of our cohort had been alive, LSI would be a sharpening of already existing skills.  I was mistaken.  It ​not only presented new concepts, but more importantly for me made me face myself and others in situations that can usually be avoided as a manager.  I had to be myself," said Cohort 2 member David Woodward. "I went into LSI wondering how I would fair with a room full of successful, powerful, and confident millennials.  What I learned was that while they were all of that, they were also accepting, compassionate, and interested in my story too ... while my LSI diploma is so very valuable to me and will have a prominent place in my work space, above it will be the picture of the people I met at LSI and deeply care about.”​

The 2017-18 LSI Design Team included: Jana Bates, Patricia Billinger, Tyler Campbell, Amanda Conant, Ty Crocker, Melissa Lineberger, Jana Locke, Christian Mohr, Karyn Murphy, Lisa Pine, Kevin Rants and Beth Roome.

"It is an honor and a privilege to work with an amazing team that designs institute sessions, and members of our organization who take time and energy from their year to participate as part of the cohort," said Beth Roome, who leads the Design Team for the LSI.

Please join us in congratulating the 2017-2018 LSI graduates:
Chris Schaefer CBI
Emily Philip CBI
Ted DeRosa CBI
Tammi Krebs CBI
Jan Coffindaffer CBI
Shanley Brezen CBI
Traci Schwartzbauer CBI
Sarah Allen CSP
Jeffrey Chmielewski CSP
Helena Shea CSP
Jamie Colyer CSP
Seth Soukup CSP
Tanner Hutt DFPC
Joellen Thiel DFPC
Adam Trojanowski DFPC
David Woodward DFPC
Melissa Lineberger DFPC
Raechel Alderete DCJ
Diane Pasini-Hill DCJ
Shelley Siman DCJ
Anna Lopez DCJ
Lindsey Johnson DCJ
Electra Bustle DHSEM
Denise Popish DHSEM
Kristina Bomba DHSEM
Perry Boydstun DHSEM
Jen Waters DHSEM
Kellie Dunlap DHSEM
Devon Rhoads DHSEM
Monica Bagchi EDO
Dean McDaniel EDO
Kevin Rants EDO
Ruth Strauss EDO
Bobbie Mooney EDO

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