Thursday, February 22, 2018

State Patrol Joins "Violation of the Month" Campaign

The Colorado State Patrol is participating in the Violation of the Month program, which was initiated in January 2018 by Aurora Police Chief Nick Metz.  It is a collaboration of 22 law enforcement agencies in the metro area, in addition to CDOT and the National Traffic Safety Administration.
The violation of the month program was formed to reduce motor vehicle fatalities and serious injury crashes that are reaching all-time highs in Colorado.  By agreeing that driving problems are not just a single agency problem, but a combined concern for all law enforcement agencies, it is hoped the program will see positive results.
The violation for each month will be developed from data from participating agencies.  That data will be compiled to form that next month’s enforcement.  One violation will be selected such as speed, seatbelt usage, distracted driving, or DUI’s; that violation will then be the metro area focus for the month.
The goal of the Violation of the Month program is to positively influence driver behavior, and ultimately prevent serious injuries and deaths that result from dangerous driving.  Education is another aspect that the program will focus on.

The Violation of the Month will be announced through monthly press releases, events, and social media platforms along with the results from the previous month’s enforcement.

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