Thursday, February 22, 2018

CDPS Launches Charitable Giving Collaboration

For many years, CDPS members have engaged in various annual charitable opportunities as individuals, teams and divisions. In February 2018, CDPS Deputy Director announced the launch of a new CDPS collaborative effort to pull all together in the same direction on a few key, shared charitable events each year. 

CDPS had more than 75 members participate
in the 2017 Law Enforcement Torch Run.
The "CDPS Cares" effort does not replace the many charitable activities championed by individual members, units and offices each year, but rather provides a few focused campaigns for all CDPS employees to unite around. 

For 2018, CDPS leaders have chosen to support the Special Olympics due to its special, longstanding relationship with law enforcement; its statewide presence and opportunities for participation; and our history of existing participation in events such as the Law Enforcement Torch Run and Polar Plunges. Last year, we had a successful trial run of this concept when we joined forces to encourage CDPS-wide participation in the Torch Run -- achieving our highest ever participation level. 

Sgt. Rob Madden from the State Patrol played a critical role in rallying our members to achieve last year’s success, and this year he is leading a team of passionate representatives from each division to coordinate participation in special events throughout the year. Each division has put forth a champion to coordinate their division’s participation in our Special Olympics events throughout this year:
  • CBI: Ted DeRosa
  • CSP: Rob Madden (CDPS lead)
  • DCJ: Deann Espinoza
  • DFPC: Bill Bischof
  • DHSEM: Nate Whittington
  • EDO: Patricia Billinger
These individuals and the team-mates they recruit will help drive CDPS-wide participation in events including:
  • Polar plunge (Feb-March, statewide)
  • Law Enforcement Torch Run (May 31 in Denver)
  • Summer Games (June, Western Slope)
  • Plane Pull; Tip-A-Cop (fall, statewide)
We're already off to great success! A team led by DHSEM member Nate Whittington crushed their goals, raising more than $2,500 for their plunge on March 10 in Aurora. In Pueblo, the CDPS "Polar Punishers" team, led by Capt. Brian Lyons, took first place among teams by raising nearly $2,000 for their event on Feb. 17.

There will be many more opportunities to get involved and give back, including upcoming Polar Plunge teams in Avon, Boulder, Ft. Collins, Colorado Springs and Denver. To join or support a team, click on the links below:

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