Thursday, December 21, 2017

Making CDPS “Lean” in the New Year

Lean is a process improvement tool that increases the value to the customer by reducing waste.  According to the Lean Enterprise Institute, a lean organization understands customer value and focuses its key processes to continuously increase it.”

In 2018, approximately  25 CDPS employees from all divisions will participate in the Colorado Talent Challenge and will gain skills in Lean and other process improvement strategies.  The Colorado Talent Challenge is a joint initiative between the Lieutenant Governor’s Office and the Department of Personnel and Administration to provide training and development opportunities to state employees at at reduced cost to state agencies through matching funds. Participating CDPS employees will learn the Lean methodology and complete a Lean project that benefits their customers.  They will also gain experience using data and customer feedback to drive continuous process improvement.  

At the completion of the training and project, the trained employees will be able to apply their skills to their particular work units and beyond, and may meet as a “Lean team” to support ongoing learning and application of process improvement strategies through the agency.  Please congratulate and thank the employees listed below for participating in the inaugural Colorado Talent Challenge, and we look forward to developing and leveraging the knowledge of this group.

FY 2018 Colorado Talent Challenge Participants:
Afsoon Ansari Melissa Hemme
Alice Huyler Melissa Lineberger
Chris Augustine Michelle Geng
Dan Elder Richard Ryberg
Dean Paxton Shawn West
Eric Dymond Ted DeRosa
Jackie Perez Terri Anderle
JoAnne Barry Tina Buneta
John Lynkiewicz Trish Aragon
Justin Mullins Viktor Bojilov
Kimberly Ramsey
Kinzie Walden
Lance Allen
Lisa Pine
Mark Mason

Logistics Teams Tell Their Stories...Using Gingerbread Houses

On Dec. 21, members of the Colorado Department of Public Safety's Logistics Services section faced off in a friendly competition that built camaraderie, fostered understanding of  their roles, and spread holiday cheer...using gingerbread house kits and the creative use of spare parts.

Each Logistics team competed to build the best gingerbread representation of what they do for CDPS and the citizens of Colorado. Workers who typically find themselves under the hood of a patrol car, organizing supplies in a warehouse, and customizing fire trucks for local fire agencies tapped into their creative side to compete in the holiday-themed challenge.

The gingerbread creations told the story of each unit better than a glossy tri-fold brochure could!

Fleet constructed a garage, complete with "patrol cars," customers, a pesky rodent, and a nod to their favorite snack.
Warehouse and Materials Management got creative and crafted a "bullet-proof" vest out of their gingerbread, then included other materials that they manage for CDPS clients, such as badges, bullets and shirts.
Facilities crafted a beautiful CDPS facility incorporating candy metaphors for CDPS values such as diversity, unity, and service.
The Headquarters support team built a lovely headquarters, iced with amazingly spot-on State of Colorado/CDPS branding! (The triangles on the roof).
The winning creation, crafted by Wildland Fire Logistics, was a bit...singed...but incorporated a level of service detail and creativity that eked out the most points from the judges. The Wildland Fire Logistics team invented a story to illustrate how they serve Colorado -- responding to a call for assistance from a County fire agency by providing a custom-crafted fire truck (front), firefighter supplies (note the gingerbread men are properly dressed in Nomex fire gear), a heat-reducing chemical "ice," and more.

Numerous studies have demonstrated the importance and benefit of building time for "fun" into the workplace -- in fact, the topic will one of many that will be explored during the February CDPS Leadership Strategies Institute session.  The Logistics Services holiday competition illustrated how powerful play can be: team members were energized and laughed together while collaborating on a creative project that ultimately taught everyone a little bit about each other and how they all play an important role in keeping Colorado safe.