Monday, June 26, 2017

What's holding you back from participating in Bike to Work Day?

Bike to Work day is Wednesday, June 28, 2017. You can sign up to join the CDPS team here, and find all sorts of resources including prizes, maps and locations of breakfast stations.

There are many reasons people say they can't participate. Although these barriers are valid, we aim to take them away with these helpful resources. Before you say, "I can't," please read below and start thinking about how you can change it to "I can do this!"

It's too far for me to bike/would take too long/I'm physically unable to bike.
A: You don't have to bike to qualify and make a difference! Any combination of bike, walk, bus, transit, carpool or vanpool counts. 
  • Transit: Colorado offers an RTD FlexPass Program that allows CDPS employees to purchase monthly RTD passes at a 20% discounted rate. RTD's Trip Planner makes it easy to plan your route. 
  • Carpool: Several programs already exist to match you with carpool partners with similar schedules and locations. Or, you can use this CDPS Google map to indicate your starting/ending points for each day, and the Green Team will help connect you to other carpoolers. NOTE: for the purposes of this map, we recommend picking a nearby public location or intersection as your starting point rather than your home address. 
  • VanPool : If you travel 15 miles or more each way on your commute, you can start or join a vanpool today. Vanpools give access to a van for 5-15 people, complete with insurance, maintenance and fuel. You split the cost between all members of your vanpool, saving you money and keeping stress levels low.
2. I don't want be all sweaty/I have to dress nicely at work.
A: See answer 1 above, or check out this list of CDPS locations that have shower/locker room facilities. Expert tip: Take your supplies to work in advance of your bike-to-work day(s);  keep a towel, soap, brush, change of clothes and toiletries at your workplace so that you don't have to worry about packing/remembering these items on the day of your bike ride.

3. I don't feel safe biking to work.
A: Safety is a top concern, for sure! Here's the great news: our Green Team ambassadors are happy to sit down with you to map out the safest route for you to take and to talk through steps you can take to reduce your risk. Also, here are helpful tips to keep you safe on your ride. Finally, participating on Bike to Work Day greatly improves your safety because there will be so many other cyclists on the road, raising driver awareness and attentiveness. 

4. I don't want my bike to get stolen.
A: At CDPS, we welcome you bringing your bike into the building and stowing it in your office or in another space that doesn't interfere with safe exits. Most buildings also have a few bike racks where you can lock your bike.

5. I have to pick up kids after work.
A: Bike to Work Day is intended to be for all ages! What a great way to introduce your kids to a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. Our Green Team ambassadors can work with you to see if it's feasible to plan a route for the whole family. If the kiddos are too young or the distance is too far, consider working with a carpool partner who is flexible. 

6. I just don't like riding a bike.
A: See answer No. 1. Or consider this: do you like flossing? Eating healthy? Getting up to go to work in the morning? Wearing your seatbelt? Working out?  Lots of people enjoy these things, and lots of people don't. But we do them because they're good for us and have long-term benefits. Biking to work saves money, is great exercise, and contributes towards cleaner air and reduced carbon emissions. It's worth a little discomfort to do so much good!

7. Other excuses: Click here for more solutions

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