Friday, April 21, 2017

Burrito event raises awareness and more than $800 for child abuse prevention

by Susan Medina
Many thanks to the CDPS members who took part in the first-ever Breakfast Burrito Extravaganza to benefit Ralston House on a snowy Tuesday. Ralston House Child Advocacy Center provides a safe place to investigate child abuse, and ensures victim assistance for children who have been physically or sexually abused or have witnessed violence. Ralston House has multiple locations across the metro area and serves thousands of children each year.
Volunteers prepare burritos to be sold at the fundraiser.

We're extremely pleased to report the generous donations generated from the 201 breakfast burritos sold resulted in more than $800 being raised for Ralston House. The event also enabled us to "plant" a pinwheel garden to drive awareness about child abuse prevention throughout the month of April.

The pinwheel "garden" planted to raise
awareness about child abuse prevention
We would like to extend a sincere thanks to the CDPS team who came together to donate the ingredients (and time) for the burrito extravaganza. Their generosity and endless energy helped make the event a tremendous success:

Jessica Anderson
Chris Andrist
Joy Fernandez
Caley Fisher
Ron Franz
Ralph Gagliardi
Rhonda Johnson
Kirby Lewis
Susan Medina
Patti Penn
Chivon Spears
Honorable Mention: Miss Peepers (one of Patti Penn’s hens responsible for many of the farm-fresh eggs!)

Great work and support everyone!

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