Monday, February 27, 2017

Around the State in 900 Days: Geitl Completes Appraisal of Every Single CDPS Location

If you were to guess how many locations the Department of Public Safety has around this state, what would you say? A few dozen? 75? 100?

Ed Gietl.
You might be surprised to learn that CDPS has 197 locations throughout Colorado -- and CDPS Liability and Risk Manager Ed Gietl has personally appraised every single one.

Over the course of two and a half years, Gietl made his way to each location in order to complete a CDPS facility appraisal. His travels took him as far as Loma in the west, Lamar in the east, Trinidad in the south and Sterling in the north -- as well as everything CDPS in between. At each location, he worked with CDPS members to document and appraise the electronic equipment, facility contents, and, if the building is owned by CDPS, the building itself.

The project, which Gietl began in May 2014 and completed in December 2016, ensures that CDPS and the State Risk Management office have accurate documentation of CDPS assets for insurance purposes. Gietl embarked on the project after the devastating floods of 2013 underscored the importance of having accurate asset documentation in preparation for catastrophic losses such as those caused by floods, tornadoes and fires.

His multi-year project identified a total of $152 million worth of insured value in CDPS assets.

Gietl made good use of his visits to each location: in addition to completing the appraisals, he looked for ways to improve safety and reduce risk and liability at each location. In many cases, he was able to recommend quick and simple fixes that location managers could immediately implement to reduce their risk, such as moving flammable liquids, boxes and ammunition stored too close to electrical or heat sources, or putting padlocks on exterior electrical boxes to deter vandals. In other instances, he provided written support for much-needed safety improvements ranging from replenishing depleted fire extinguishers and fixing maintenance issues that were contributing to icy sidewalks, to addressing rodent and insect infestation.

The Lakewood-based risk assessor also used the visits to build relationships with CDPS members who may not have much contact with CDPS headquarters.

“It’s been really neat. I’ve met so many great CDPS members I otherwise wouldn’t have met,” Gietl said. “I genuinely enjoyed getting to know our employees and talking to them.”

Although the multi-year appraisal project is now complete, Gietl said the work doesn't stop here: now that we have an accurate appraisal for all 197 locations, it's important to keep that information up-to-date. "Our work is not done: we're asking location managers that if they purchase something worth $500 or more or move into or out of current locations, that they notify Logistics or me so that we can update their records as well as State Risk Management's."

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