Wednesday, September 28, 2016

What's New in Technology at CDPS

Information Technology (IT) is critical to our everyday ability to get our work done. Although the Office of Information Technology (OIT) is a statewide, centralized office, OIT has 44 IT professionals who support the needs of CDPS workers.

New! OIT launching Web Site to Help Meet CDPS Needs 
Want to find out how to get help or the status of your project? OIT will soon be launching an "OIT at CDPS" Web site that will offer resources such as:
  • Information on how to get OIT help - for fixing your PC/Printer, etc
  • Information on how to request new hardware or software
  • Information on how to submit a new IT project
  • Updates on projects throughout the department
  • Summaries about OIT work occurring in your division
  • Information about the OIT team
  • A place to comment and send questions to OIT.

Active Projects
As of Sept. 28, 2016, here are just a few of the top projects OIT is working on for CDPS divisions:
  • CSP Pueblo State Patrol Office re-location (co-locate with CDOT)
  • 690 and 700 Kipling re-model projects
  • CO-ASSIST for DHSEM – a resource management system that enables DHSEM and local emergency managers to quickly obtain emergency management resources from private companies when working disaster situations
  • CO-CRRF for DHSEM and DFPC – automates the collection and management of the Colorado Resource Rate Form, a form that contains information about emergency management resources and assets (used in the acquisition and contracting process when working disaster situations)
  • Port of Entry Business System – implement a new, state-of-the-art system for Port Officers
  • Distance Learning System implementation – CBI is initiating the implementation of the SABA full-function Distance Learning system that can eventually be used by all CDPS divisions
  • Swift-911 Emergency Notification System –  DHSEM is implementing the Swift-911 system, which will be used by all State agencies to notify members of emergencies (severe weather, active shooters, etc.) in their area
  • Google 2-step authentication 

​Coming ​to a theater near you...
Projects that are on the horizon for CDPS include:

  • SharePoint 2016 migration – all CDPS SharePoint sites/applications will be moved to SharePoint 2016, enabling members to take advantage of new document collaboration and workflow management features.  SharePoint users look for a call from Scott Conner, the new OIT SharePoint Administrator, to help you with this effort.
  • Windows 10 Migration – OIT is starting the process of moving to the new Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System.  As new desktops, laptops and Windows tablets are purchased, they will have the new Windows Operating System on them.  For existing workstations, OIT will enable the migration to Windows 10 in January, 2017.  At that point, you will make the decision when you are ready to migrate.  If you have any questions about Windows 10, please contact the OIT Service Desk at 303-239-HELP (4357).

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