Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Fittest, Fastest and Toughest vie for Titles at CSP Fit Games

by Master Trooper Ryan Holmes
On Aug. 27, 2016, the Colorado State Patrol (CSP) hosted the fourth annual CSP Fit Games on the grounds of Camp George West in Golden. Nearly 70 competitors vied for the title of fittest member of the Colorado Department of Public Safety.

The event welcomed all members the department to compete in their choice of three individual events and a team event.
Individual events: 
Thyfault Strongman Competition - scored on the combined total of a traditional deadlift and a free-weight bench-press
  1. Men: Matthew Sando (CSP)       Women: Crystal Crenshaw (CSP)
  2. Men: William Botner (CSP)       Women: Shanley Brezen (CBI)
  3. Men: Eduardo Henriquez (CSP)   Women: Huyen Vu (CBI)

Fight for Life Metabolic conditioning - burpees, farmers carries, wall balls and rowing.
  1. Men: Jeff Chmielewski (CSP)  Women: Shanley Brezen (CBI)
  2. Men: David Speckman(CSP)    Women: Huyen Vu (CBI)
  3. Men: Andrew Salamun (CSP)   Women: Susana Salamun (family)

JJ 4801m Run - held in honor of Fallen Trooper Jaimie Jursevics (4801 meters)
  1. Men: Collin Knaub (CBI)      Women: Shanley Brezen (CBI)
  2. Men: Dan Haley (CSP)          Women: Susana Salamun (family)
  3. Men: Jeff Chmielewski (CSP) Women: Crystal Crenshaw (CSP)
“CDPS Fittest Person.”
Men’s Division – Jeff Chmielewski (CSP)
Women’s Division – Shanley Breezen (CBI)

Team Competition-
  1. First place: "CBS"
  2. Second Place: "COBRA"
  3. Third Place: "Bulletproof Tigers"
View full results here.
Even more encouraging than the enthusiasm displayed by the competitors was the fact that most of them brought multiple family members with them to cheer them on and enjoy the events of the day. Competitors left everything on the table and all displayed maximum effort. It was truly exciting to see the CDPS community come together to encourage and cheer on their loved ones as they finish up
their fitness events.

We want to thank all of the competitors, volunteers and supporters who made such a day possible. The CSP fitness program truly appreciates everyone’s continued commitment to such a special event.

The 2017 CSP Fit Games promises to be an even bigger and better event. Please, if you weren’t able to attend in the past, make it a point to come out and cheer on our CDPS brothers and sisters…or compete yourself. This is truly a 100% positive event that will look to have an impact on even more
of our members in the future.

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