Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Meet the Workers Who Get Their Hands Dirty So We Can Keep the Public Safe

Logistics Services Director Kevin Rants in front of CSP
vehicles at Camp George West.
CDPS Logistics Services Director Kevin Rants often refers to his team as the “Blue collar branch” of CDPS.

“At the end of the day, they have dirty hands and dirty uniforms,” Rants said of his 28 team members, who provide support and resources that make it possible for CDPS divisions to carry out their missions. To put the contribution of Logistics Services into perspective, consider:
  • How can Troopers stop a deadly driver if they don't have a functioning patrol vehicle – or a uniform, protective gear, handcuffs and radio, for that matter? 
  • How can a wildland firefighting team combat a wildfire if their truck is broken down? 
  • How can a CBI technician complete lab work or a CDPS office worker get work done effectively if the building they work in isn’t functioning properly or isn’t safe to occupy? 
Logistics Services comprises five branches: Fleet Management, Material Management, Facilities Management, Capital Planning and Development, and Wildland Fire Logistics. Logistics Services is one of the newest entities within CDPS; although several of its functions were previously housed in separate divisions, Logistics Services was officially established on July 1, 2016, as a unified entity to bring together a variety of support services. It is housed within the EDO in order to be of service to all of CDPS.

CDPS vehicle shop
Fleet Management takes care of more than 1,000 CDPS
vehicles from "cradle to grave," including these CSP motorcycles.
Fleet Management takes care of more than 1,000 CDPS vehicles from cradle to grave. They procure the vehicles. Outfit them with customized equipment (radios, light bars, cages, video equipment, etc.). Maintain them through more than 15 million miles driven each year. And they strip the vehicles at the end of their lifespan and donate the used equipment to local law enforcement agencies – in fact, in the past year alone, CDPS has donated nearly $200,000 worth of decommissioned equipment to Colorado law enforcement agencies.

Logistics Services manages more than 750 line items
in their warehouse.
Material Management procures, stores, tracks and distributes material goods and clothing. The more than 750 individual line items in their warehouse include things such as:
  • Every article that goes into a Trooper’s uniform – from boots and belts to two different types of hats – in a variety of sizes. 
  • Medical supplies and first aid kits 
  • Handcuffs, batons, pepper spray and bullet-proof vests 
  • Jackets, reflective vests, and even YakTrax. 
Material Management even runs a clothing fitting program for State Patrol members so that new cadets can try on the various elements of their uniform to ensure that when they don the familiar blue and brown uniform, it will meet CSP’s high standards of professionalism.

Facilities Management maintains all CDPS-owned facilities in the state – more than 50 facilities from Fort Morgan to Fort Collins, Cortez to Craig, Limon to Lamar. This small but mighty team of five employees is responsible for about 390,000 square feet of facilities; the largest is the CSP Academy, which they maintain with the help of an inmate work detail. Managing everything from electrical and HVAC to everyday handyman work, this group stays busy non-stop!

Wildland Fire Logistics team members sometimes deploy
to wildfires to provide support. Pictured: a pile of hoses
collected for use in fighting a recent wildfire.
Wildland Fire Logistics is like a miniature version of the Logistics Section dedicated to wildland fires. The six workers prepare, repair and maintain fire fighting vehicles, and run a warehouse with firefighting uniforms and supplies. They have truck drivers who can transport equipment to wildfires, and technicians who will go into the field to provide logistics services on a wildfire response or repair firefighting vehicles if they break down.

Finally, Capital Planning and Development is the smallest branch: one employee with the mighty duty of overseeing all capital projects for the Department.

Most of Logistics Services is stationed at Camp George West in Golden and at the Fort Collins shop, but some workers travel all over the state in service to the CDPS teams they support.

It’s hard, hands-on work—and if you’re interested in having your own hands-on experience alongside Logistics Services, we encourage CDPS employees to attend the Logistics Services open house on Thursday, Sept. 29, at the shop and warehouse in Golden. 

You’ll have a chance to:
  • Explore the fleet maintenance shop 
  • Sit in patrol cars and fire vehicles that are built and maintained by the team 
  • Tour the warehouse 
  • And even try on a uniform from the clothing fit line! 
Invitations will go out to all CDPS employees via a Google calendar invite with more details.

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