Friday, August 12, 2016

Executive Assistants “Hit the Mark” on Collaboration

If you’re looking for a role model for cross-divisional collaboration – and the benefits it brings – one particular group has truly hit the mark. They’re the people we rely on every day for keeping us organized and resourced: our division Executive Assistants.

L to R:Cassandra Wagner, Sarah Rose, Paula Williams,
Kathy Chiero, Carolyn Sheffield, Alberta Lopez
CDPS Executive Assistants have been meeting as a cross-divisional, collaborative team since April 2015. The six-person team meets monthly to share best practices, improve administrative communication across divisions, and share/communicate important information.

CSSRC's Sarah Rose takes aim at a target during
the Executive Assistants' retreat.
On July 28, 2016, the Executive Director’s Office sponsored a retreat for the group, with help from the Colorado State Patrol. During the retreat, the executive assistants tackled key projects including an electronic Administrative Resource Guide, a departmental calendar of events, and a conflict resolution process. They also got to experience a memorable CDPS safety and training opportunity by completing a 90-minute gun safety class that concluded with hands-on practice at the State Patrol shooting range. The training was provided by Master Trooper Pete Lawrence.
Cassandra Wagner of DHSEM.

The Executive Assistants' ongoing effort is creating efficiencies among our divisions as they identify and share best practices. They’re also helping CDPS to be more effective, as they break down divisional silos to lend support to each other, for example by helping out at award ceremonies and other events. And their work has already helped to increase consistency and compliance within CDPS; this group identified the need for the CDPS Policy Committee and has drafted several of the policies that will be reviewed by the CDPS Policy Committee.

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