Tuesday, August 16, 2016

CDPS Green Team Launches

Members of the CDPS Green Team represent all
five divisions of the department.
The daily activities of state government have a significant impact on the quality of Colorado's public health, environment and economy. On Aug. 11, CDPS convened its First Green Team Meeting to lead department-wide efforts to reduce our collective environmental impact.

The Green Team consists of representatives from all CDPS divisions who are coming together to foster a culture of sustainability and engage CDPS employees in order to achieve the goals outlined in Greening State Government Executive Order D 2015-013.

On Oct. 28, 2015, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper signed Executive Order D 2015-013 to establish new one- and five-year goals that reflect the state’s commitment to efficient and sustainable government operations. The statewide goals are:

  • Reduce energy consumption by 2% a year
  • Reduce  fleet fuel consumption by 4% a year*
    • *CDPS fleet by 2%
  • Reduce  greenhouse gas emissions 1% per year
  • Reduce  potable water consumption by 1% a year
  • By FY 2017, at least 50% of white office paper must contain a minimum of 30% post­ consumer waste content.

CDPS will be accountable for meeting these goals on a departmental level. Green Team members noted that achieving the goals will require teamwork across CDPS divisions; one division may be able to achieve greater reductions that offset the operating realities of another division.

But one thing is for sure: the most certain way to achieve success is if all CDPS employees commit to making small changes that ultimately add up to big reductions in consumption, waste and emissions.

“When implemented across the entire state, these incremental changes can make an enormous positive impact. If each of us contributes by making small changes, collectively we can make a difference and meet these goals,” said Anastasiya Schomaker, who convened the Team.

The CDPS Green Team has developed an internal site that will host resources and information on energy, water and fuel reduction; environmentally preferable purchasing; and recycling and waste management.

The team chose to address Environmentally Preferable Purchasing first, with a focus on increasing the use of preferable paper.

If you purchase paper, please check CDPS Green Team website for important information and actions you can start taking now in order to help CDPS meet our mandated goal.

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