Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Feedback is not a four-letter word!

Feedback is not a four-letter word! In fact, knowing how to give and get good feedback is a major skill for anyone's professional toolbox. It can improve relationships, increase efficiency, reduce confusion and miscommunication, and lead to overall smoother project and personal management.

CDPS HR offers a relatively new training to help you develop your skills in this area.

iLoveFeedback® teaches a simple, easy to use, five step process for setting the right attitude for feedback, delivering it well, and identifying solutions for improvement or sustainability. Let feedback improve both your personal and professional lives.

 Training Objectives By the end of the training, participants can:

  • Recognize the role of feedback in continual improvement 
  • Assess personal feedback skills 
  • Create the appropriate attitude and approach for giving feedback 
  • Check reactions and purposes for sharing feedback 
  • Share feedback that is specific and observable 
  • Offer feedback in a way that increases the receiver's receptiveness 
  • Listen to the other person 
  • Close the feedback exchange with a shared understanding of next steps 
  • Consider how culture, gender, generational differences, and location can play a role in my approach to giving feedback
Find out more and sign up by visiting the HR page: .

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