Friday, July 22, 2016

Bring your Questions to the Director of CDPS!

What's the status of alignment? What's this Kronos thing I'm hearing about? What is coming down the pipeline from the Governor's office to us?

Mark your calendar: On Tuesday, Aug. 16, CDPS Director Stan Hilkey will host the first of a series of informational sessions and frank, sincere dialogues open to all CDPS employees.

Join the conversation at 10 a.m. by calling in or logging onto the "Q&A with Stan Hilkey" session. The session will be hosted online, and more detailed log-in and call-in information will be provided the week of the event.

Director Hilkey will give a brief update on department-wide news, issues and projects and then will answer questions submitted by employees. You can submit your questions in advance to (This is helpful because Director Hilkey and his staff can ensure they've researched the inquiry and have accurate information to report). You will also be able to submit questions during the live session; if Director Hilkey runs out of time to get to your question during the session or he does not know the answer, we will respond to your question via email.

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